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BSB G-DBA Webinar

A unique learning experience over 3 continents

19th December
10:00 or 18:00 (Paris time)

Join us on Zoom for the presentation of the BSB's G-DBA, which will be launched in January 2024. Webinar conducted by the G-DBA programme director, Assimakopoulos Dimitris.


Dimitris Assimakopoulos

BSB G-DBA Director & EDAMBA President

Webinar Programme

This one-hour information session will include:                                             


An introduction to the programme structure and a meeting with the programme director

Faculty Introduction

Talk with your supervisor

Admission requirements

Admission requirements and preliminary research proposal introduction

Q&A session

BSB G-DBA Presentation

The BSB Global Doctorate in Business Administration (G-DBA) is a Doctoral level, research-based degree, internationally accredited by AACSB; EQUIS and AMBA, designed to contribute to the enhancement of multi- and inter-disciplinary management practice.

The BSB G-DBA programme emphasizes the novel application of theory, rather than the creation of theory for its own sake. It adheres to European best practice (see, EDAMBA and EQUAL Guidelines) as well as the Doctoral programme standards of the world leading accreditation bodies (for example, EQUIS).

The programme will start in January 2024, with an application deadline scheduled on 15th December 2023.

group of adult students

Training visits

A unique learning experience spanning 3 Continents.

MIT Sloan School of Management

Tokyo Institute of Technology

BSB Lyon

BSB Dijon

Why apply for the BSB's DBA ?

Most DBA programs are delivered part-time in 3 to 5 years, where the candidate is expected to complete a DBA thesis by research alongside full-time work and other commitments.

BSB triple accredited

Triple accredited degree

Awarded by BSB, which enjoys the triple crown of international accreditations from AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA – only 120 business schools, out of more than 15,000 schools worldwide are distinguished as "triple accredited".

Global High Level Training and Reach

The programme will address major societal challenges via dedicated workshops, visits, and collaborative research training provision with world leading institutions in Japan – Tokyo Institute of Technology, and the USA – MIT Sloan School of Management.

icon french

Discover the French Culture

The programme will leverage
the multi-campus architecture of BSB with its three campuses in Lyon, Dijon (including Beaune) and Paris. In the first year of study, you will have the opportunity to learn from and supervised by faculty on all three campuses.

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Most DBA programs are delivered part-time in 3 to 5 years, where the candidate is expected to complete a DBA thesis by research alongside full-time work and other commitments.

year 1

Teaching in France

15 000 €

Responsible Innovation and Technology Management
Axis Digital Leadership

4.5 days

Economics of Substainable Development
Axis Wine & Spirits

4.5 days

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

2.5 days
year 2

Teaching in Japan and France

15 000 €

Governance of Sustainable Ecosystems
Designing the Hydrogen Ecosystem for Toyota

2.5 days
Tokyo TIT

From Theory to Practice
This module is a rolling module that it starts in module 1 in Lyon and ends in module 5

3.5 days
year 3

Teaching in USA

15 000 €

Advanced topics on analysis of longitudinal data

2.5 days
MIT Sloan, Boston
year 4 - 7


5 000 € / year

Complete writing up of the thesis & subsequent examination (viva voce), final corrections of the DBA Thesis and graduation in years 4 to 7 – additional study years are granted based on the annual progress reviews and in consultation with the supervisory teams.